ESTECO Technologies

Design better products, faster and more efficiently. Learn how our best-in-class engineering technology help your company make best use of simulation data and resources.

Integration and Process Automation

Manage all the logical steps of your design process from a single automated workflow. Integrate and run multiple third-party CAE tools and program multiple simulations. 

Integration and Process Automation

Complex Workflow Management
Integration Nodes

Optimization-Driven Design

Tailor-made algorithms and automated design space exploration within a single framework that integrates with leading simulation software dramatically reduce development costs and time to market.

Optimization-Driven Design

Design of Experiments
Optimization Algorithms
Response Surface Modeling

Engineering Data Intelligence

Advanced data analysis and visualization tools turn large amounts of engineering data into actionable insights that lead to faster and more effective decision making.

Engineering Data Intelligence

Analytics and Visualization
Multi-criteria Decision Making

Simulation Data Management

Structured, shareable and securely accessible simulation data enables organizations to maximize on the use of company knowledge in all stages of product design.

Distributed Execution

Take the burden of computational resources out of the picture and maximize the efficiency your company’s IT assets.

Robust Design and Reliability

Design robust, reliable products with our module dedicated to uncertainty management.  Avoid designs that perform well on paper, but under-perform in real life.