Engineering Data Intelligence

Transform large amounts of data into valuable company assets and accelerate innovation. 

The automated process of design exploration and optimization technologies produces massive amounts of data. Handling such information volumes effectively, so that they can turn into valuable insights and truly guide your innovation process, can be a challenge. 

Quickly identify relevant performance metrics so that you can focus on what is important and make better decisions, faster.
Turn data into valuable insights and propel your innovation process with our comprehensive environment for data analysis and visualization.

Turn data into engineering knowledge
See the bigger picture
Keep all your analysis data in one place and gain a comprehensive insight into complex datasets. Use different analysis and visualization tools side by side in our dashboard-based environment to get context and insights and make the right decisions. 
Go collaborative
Stay on track with other experts working on your engineering problem - compare, validate and collaboratively decide on design solutions.
Our user-friendly tools for synchronized data visualization are not just for data analysts: they empower experts from other departments to access and use data with confidence.

Engineering Data Intelligence

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