Optimization-Driven Design

Innovate your product development process by embracing an optimization-driven approach to deliver better, more competitive products in less time. 

Traditional engineering design based on trial and error implies a time-consuming and costly method of manually conducting simulations until the optimal solution is found. Enabling the optimization-driven approach allows for dramatic reduction of both development costs and time-to-market. 


Optimization-Driven Design ESTECO Technology
Eliminate guesswork in favor of automated design space exploration from the earliest stages of the design process and develop ground breaking innovations driven by intelligent algorithms.
Optimization-Driven Design ESTECO Technology
Take advantage of automated design space exploration and discover innovative solutions that might otherwise have been dismissed.
Optimization-Driven Design ESTECO Technology
Our tailor-made algorithms allow you to handle hundreds of design parameters simultaneously, balance complex tradeoffs and quickly identify a set of optimal solutions, even for the most elaborate and constrained design problems.

take product development to the next level
Unleash MDO
Extend the Multi-Disciplinary Optimization approach throughout the product development process. 
Juggle multiple goals
Balance conflicting objectives by taking into account multiple concerns and requirements.
Get there first
Automate large numbers of simulations to innovate better and faster.

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