Response Surface Models (RSM)

Instantly predict and improve the behavior of complex non-linear systems, use computational resources smartly and save time with our Response Surface Models (RSM) module. 

Assessing the behavior of complex designs often requires a large number of simulations, which can be both time consuming and computationally expensive. 

RSM approximation meta-models allow you to get an instant and accurate insight into the relationship between a set of design parameters and one or more design objectives, in all those situations where a simulation based on real-physics models would not be affordable in terms of computational time.

Take advantage of our rich set of tailor-made algorithms to build reliable RSM approximation models. Save time and computational resources: integrate RSM-based optimization into your design process to improve your product performance. 


Quickly build an effective meta-model based on your dataset with our step-by-step RSM wizard.

Run one or more algorithms of your choice, then let our validation tool help you estimate the accuracy of each of the models with its at-a-glance insights feature.

Once your RSM model is accurate enough, you can use it to perform a virtual (RSM-based) optimization.