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Optimization with modeFRONTIER

​​modeFRONTIER multiobjective optimization capabilities enables to robustly identify the set of best possible solutions even for highly constrained design problems.

By combining opposing objectives and considering user-defined constraints, modeFRONTIER helps manage the complexity faced in engineering projects, including multidisciplinary concerns.

After exploring and understanding relations underlining the Design Space engineers can count upon a wide selection of innovative algorithms, shaped to respond to different design needs and able to tackle discrete or continuous variables to solve single and multi-objective problems.

modeFRONTIER® empowers the user to outline the appropriate optimization strategy, according to the design space boundaries and to the reliability and robustness sought. The algorithms families encompass both RSM-based and direct optimization, managing efficiently problem dimensions and the attainable computational resources.

The easy-to-use wizard allows to choose the best combination of local, global and hybrid optimization methods for reaching an enhanced and robust design.


Self-Initializing Algorithms

Teams can now get their optimization projects on the fast track exploiting the single-parameter setup of the classic modeFRONTIER algorithms. READ MORE

Gaussian Processes refactored

Thanks to the complete refactoring of the RSM algorithm Guassian Processes, we ensure now easier configuration, increased prediction accuracy and considerably reduced training time. READ MORE


  • Improving design performance with full insight of interactions between design elements.
  • Reduce design turnaround time using advanced metamodeling methodologies.
  • Satisfy time-to-market needs by exploiting graphical tools to analyze results.
  • Balance conflicting objectives by taking into account multi-disciplinary concerns.
  • Reduce probability of failure by considering reliability and uncertainty.
  • Maximize simulation accuracy with a powerful workflow engine.

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