ESTECO Technology Experience and Users' Meeting Europe 2020 on-site or streaming | Have your say

While COVID-19 keep us uncertain about our future, we intend to keep our commitments and confirm the ESTECO Technology Experience and Users' Meeting Europe, on 30 September and 1 October 2020. Help us decide how

The event will be available via streaming, so everyone can connect and listen to high-level speakers and customers. We're finalizing the agenda and more details will follow in the next weeks.

VOLTA and modeFRONTIER release 2020 | Spring now available

The new VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2020 Spring is now available. With the latest improvements, you can rely on an even more easy-to-use optimization experience, regardless of your level of expertise. Make the most of the simulation democratization and accelerate your engineering process.

Registration open for ESTECO TX20 and ESTECO UM20 Europe. Get early bird tickets

Early bird registration for ESTECO TX20 and ESTECO UM20 Europe is now open.

One ticket, two events. Register now and attend the first ESTECO Technology Experience on 30 September 2020. Our new big event - which this year combines with the ESTECO Users' Meeting Europe on 1 October - turns the spotlight on our state-of-the-art technology, innovation drivers and vision for the future.

VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2019 | Winter now available

The new VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2019 winter is now available. You can now enjoy an even more intuitive optimization experience with the new modeFRONTIER planner. The new modular environment makes your approach to design space exploration more efficient. Other new features and improvements include a DOE algorithm in autonomous mode in modeFRONTIER, new dependencies traceability along with multiple datasets visualization capabilities in VOLTA.

Agenda announced for the ESTECO UM19: FCA, Schlumberger and QMSI join speakers lineup

The full agenda for next month's ESTECO Users' Meeting North America is now available. Join more than 100 modeFRONTIER and VOLTA enthusiasts to share knowledge and learn about the latest applications. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Schlumberger and QMSI join speakers lineup that already includes Cummins, Ford Motor Company and  Whirpool Corporation.